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Missing Tags on Scan Orders screen

Occasional Contributor

Hi Shipstation:

I wish there was a way to view any tags added to an order on the Scan to VErify \ Scan to Print screen.

We use tags like:

Fragile, Multiple Items, Insurance Required, Include Free Item, etc. These tags are visible on the orders screen when you pull up an order but not on the Scan screen.

I found a conversation where someone suggested adding automation rules to add notes to packing slips but if I print the packing slips then add tags it doesnt work for me. I often add tags in the middle of a work day after all pacing slips were printed.



Yes, please make tags visible on the "Scan" screen. Additionally, consider removing the "Apply" button from the "Order Details" screen with the new layout view after tags are added or removed. Thanks.



Agreed! It's just another step, that I often forget!

Occasional Contributor

Just to add a little more. We love using the scan screen because of its quick weight reading and quick auto refresh on prices but have to use the orders screen instead because that screen has the tags..however that screen does not update the weight automatically and even if you do hit the weight button you have to also hit the refresh button on the hovering price window. Often my warehouse forgets to refresh the price and we overpay for shipping. But on the scan screen they also often miss the tags.


I agree! Often times I will change orders (per customer request) after the packing slip has been printed. I'd love if ShipStation would add this feature to significantly decrease hassle!!