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Multiple Package orders- Needs Multiple Packing Slips

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Lately, we've seen an increase in need for a feature that allows orders with multiple packages to have a packing slip for each box. As most of you know I'm sure, for a carrier to re-label a box in case the label is damaged or somehow removed, the carrier needs a packing slip in order to look up the customer so a new label can be printed. This is also the case when a parcel is damaged during shipment. 


If no PL is in the box, 99% of the time, your parcel will be trashed and your customer won't receive their order. 


IMO, this feature would be great in workflow. As for now, I have to manually print Multi-Package orders and print however many packing slips I need manually, which puts a hitch in my workflow. 


Hey there @HorseGuard


Thanks so much for bringing this feedback to us! Your participation and contributions to the community are very appreciated. 


While this type of packing slip feature is not currently supported, I absolutely see your reasoning for this type of adjustment! When I checked, we do not have any posts about this type of "packing slip per box" in our Feedback Forum at this time. I would certainly encourage you to post about your request there so that others can vote and comment to push this request to the product team! 


I hope you're having a great day! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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Hey There, I've already done the "feedback" page 🙂 It was recommended by S.S. Support Team to comment this here as well 🙂