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Need Ability To Restrict Users By Selling Channel


We desperately need the ability to restrict users to only see, report and fulfill orders from only specific selling channels. In our case, we have a 3rd party that wants to run a single Shopify page selling our product for a month, while we would fulfill the orders for drop-ship. This 3rd party wants access to Shipstation to run reports and look at orders, but we do not want them to be able to interact with data from any of our other selling channels. We're considering just starting a new Shipstation account to accommodate this, but that is not very convenient since we have our current Shipstation account connected to our ERP for stock management and pick/pack/ship activities.


Hey there @ffejeroni


It is not precisely what you've described but I may have an alternate workflow to accomplish this task! You could create a user with the restriction "Only allow to see orders assigned to them" and then set an automation rule that orders from that store specifically are assigned to that user. 


I hope this can be helpful in the meantime! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!