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New Version - How to tell if someone opened tracking email


In the past we could always tell if someone opened their tracking email - now all we see is "Sent" and in the past you could click on this word and it would show you if the link was clicked on and viewed -  nowhere can we find this feature that we find very helpful.

Can someone let me know the trick or location to this now?




I also miss this feature of this and the status if it shipped or completed, the old version was simple to look at the shipment status and the email status.

Hey there @beckybee and @Genfit


Thank you for providing this feedback. 


Making this desire known is greatly appreciated. If/When I hear anything about this feature coming to the new layout I will update this thread accordingly! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


Why would they remove a feature - this version actually goes backwards when technology should always move forward? Do other platforms offer this feature?? Shippo, Shippingeasy, Easyship, Shipworks, many competitors today and all give similar discounts. I am starting to check them out this week as this new version actually has a few other hiccups like splitting shipments, seeing your balance without now having to click to find it prior to shipment. 

Why making normal everyday tasks take more steps makes no sense especially when tech should make progress not go backwards.


I am beyond furious and frustrated, that we no longer have the option to use the old version!! you guys are runing my business.  Everything errors out, everything takes so much more time... why not allow us to use the old version, which worked just fine!