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New Version ability to change hold date

New Contributor

We have held off upgrading, hoping that this oversight will be corrected.  We have to place orders on hold in large numbers frequently and need the ability to change hold dates in batch also.  This functionality was removed with this latest version and, unfortunately, is a dealbreaker.  Why can Hold Date not be selected, and that option not be presented to us under "bulk update" or "other actions."  Also, changing the hold date on a single order requires removing the hold date to only add it back with the new date.  This places the order in the active queue and is not even remotely efficient.  Going into dozens of orders one at a time to remove the hold and add back in will add more time than we can afford to manage an active queue and will mean we need to look elsewhere.  Please consider this change for your future and existing customers as it is a total miss. 



I fully support the development of this feature. Having to remove the hold on thousands of orders just to put them on hold again so you can change the date is a ton of extra work.