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No restore order feature?? Have to MANUALLY type in orders now? What in the world?

Occasional Contributor

I'm so angry about this update.  I've not enjoyed the new version since it came out and refused to work with it so we kept the old version going until we were forced to transfer to the new version recently.  Everything about the new version bothers me but I'm sure at some point I will have to get used to it.  


BUT.... The worst thing is the restore feature is now gone. I mean its there, sort of but....   I just laid into an unfortunate phone help person trying to understand why Shipstation won't copy the items that were in their order.  Their idea was that "well the thought is that when you want to resend something to someone, it allows you to write in what to send them in case you don't need to send all the items like before".  


My response to that is, "Then make it editable!"  Why can't I decide what I want in the cart to stay  or not, why do I have to physically re-write what I need in the cart when resending?  Just give me a trash button if some of the items are not needing to be resent.  But don't make me or my team have to physically write out what we are sending and have no other choice.  In a business that has layers of people, how can I make this work between my customer service and fulfillment team?  


This is totally unreasonable..  


And to make it worse, it still duplicates the actual order number but doesn't duplicate the items inside.  How does that make sense?  If the order is the same, then make the order the same, but simply add a delete button to any items that may not need to be reshipped, and also keep the ability to add new items or adjust a size to a particular item.  


So I have 2 orders under the same order number but the orders are different now?  



We also do a ton of wholesale orders.  Sometimes with over 100 items. If I need to reship something, Shipstation is now telling me I have to physically write out the entire order again? ALL 100 items? This is crazy.  


And all the person could tell me to do is write on this board and HOPE some engineer will find it and do something about it.  


I see others are upset about this, but not sure if anything will ever come out of it.  


This should never have changed, I see no benefit to adding more to our workload like manually writing in orders. 

All this will do is create mistakes if someone types in the wrong item or accidentally leaves one off.


Someone help me make sense of this!


Hi there @JerkFit, thanks for your feedback! 


We’re committed to continuously improving the ShipStation experience for all of our users, and feedback like this truly helps us plan for the future. I can absolutely assure you that there are several updates/adjustments in the works as we speak. In the meantime, please feel free to check out the following resources for more help getting started with the new layout:  

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Nice copy paste. Did a human do this or a bot?

Thomas Romer

Occasional Contributor

This feels kind of like a copy and paste. It’s not explaining our issue and if you’re actually going to address it. Obviously there are upset customers about these changes, I think addressing the issue directly would be more appropriate.  

Occasional Contributor

the new layout is a total embarrassment.


Same here friends. This build is a disaster. I start looking for a new shipping partner when things slow down. Hate it. Non-intuitive. Bugs. Laborious. Bring back the old build and I stay. Sell the old build to a competitor and I’ll move. Start a second company called and I’ll subscribe to that one. 


This build. SZUCKS.

Thomas Romer


Absolutely agree. The new version for dummies. Won't let you edit your OWN orders. You either reship empty order with a note to buyer (if it's short) or create a manual order which is counterproductive. I have no words how backwards this new layout is. 


I’m constantly seeing bugs with this build. Why did this have to happen? Seems like the “sunk cost” syndrome in action. I see no benefits to this build other than unlimited open batches and being able to label and name them… which also is broken about 1/4 of the times I try and use it

Thomas Romer


We have also used shipstation for many years and starting to test other platforms - the UPS/USPS discounts given via shipstation are also given with other platforms. I am clueless why simply features are destroyed in this build. Too many software folks are clueless at actually running a business.

I just posted about how terrible the batch search is. It is like they published it half-done. 

Thomas Romer

Occasional Contributor

this is also a huge frustration for me, along with the new "split-ship mode" that is incredibly confusing. i mean, hey, i'm smart, i figured it out ... but my shipping staff? oof. and even once it's been figured out, it's not easy intuitive or helpful.
i'd love to know the reasoning behind these 2 changes. maybe then it would make sense. until then it's just a case of having "fixed" something that wasn't broken.

These two? I’d like to know the reasoning behind just about 20 things. 

Thomas Romer


I have been a huge shipstation fan and paying customer for many years. Removing the restore button is a deal breaker for me. They turned a 2 click process into a 5-10 minute ordeal!

To make it more interesting, they should also get rid of the ability to choose the shipping method. Remove the pull down and instead make the user have to go to the settings page and choose a new provider. 

Thomas Romer

Occasional Contributor

want to know what's worse? 

i had created a label, then the customer notified me they needed to change the delivery address. i restored the order, which moved it to "awaiting." it also created a 2nd shipment (??) , so i added the package info and i then created a label for the 2nd shipment. i also voided the 1st shipment so i wouldn't be charged by ups for it.
and the order is still in "awaiting" and had i not happened to notice that, we would have shipped it again on our next shipping day.
which is exactly what happened the week prior - we shipped a duplicate order without realizing it had somehow re-populated in "awaiting." this glitch cost us $330.

The best is how if you already shipped the item, if you create another shipment — it absolutely doesn’t give you any option other than creating a shipment with no items. So nothing shows up in the pick list or the shipping manifesto. Pretty awesome feature right? I mean, to not even allow us to add a note to the item space. It is just unfathomable. But on their side, who would ever expect a shipping company to have to make another shipment from an already shipped order. Because items are never lost in the mail, or shippers never forget to include an item. It makes sense that a secondary shipment should ONLY be blank and that a missing item would require making a new manual order by which there is no link to the original order. 


That’s good thinkin’!

Thomas Romer


Hello ShipStation users! 

I wanted to bring to your attention a new Reship Beta Program! Here is the link to show you how to test out the Reship Beta. 

We look forward to getting your feedback!

Happy Shipping!