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Order Splitting

Occasional Contributor

I do order splitting in ShipStation.  Frequently, an item on the split portion is not available and I have to cancel a line item in Shopify.  Because we already shipped part of the order, ShipStation does not update the order on the unshipped portion.   For example, order 100.  I had to split in ShipStation so I have 100 and 100-1.  100 ships.  I then have an item on 100-1 that I cancelled in Shopify.  ShipStation does not update 100-1 with the cancellation because 100 has already shipped.

This is very problematic.  Is there a fix for this in the works?

Angela Olson



Occasional Contributor

For the last 5 years, I have been using ShipStation and I had to design my own workaround to handle a major portion of my business which is based on Subscription sales. I know you do not support Subscription sales which forced me to come up with a method to make it work but it is contingent on me being able to split up a single order into the number of weeks of the Subscription and then Combine the first split with the original order to not lose the cost of the order so that I could keep track of my sales. Splits and Combining is the only way for me to be able to track my total sales. In the first 5 days of my seasonal mango business, I have received $20,000 in sales that I will not be able to ship if I cannot access the old Legacy functions and I will lose $200,000 before the season is over. I have been trying to work this out another way, but have not been successful. If you cannot help me you will put me out of business. Can you please appeal to you management to reconsider because each day you delay is putting me in a "deeper hole." I await your prompt response...Doug




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@angelao, you are correct, if an order is cancelled back in the selling channel directly, it will need to be manually updated to reflect that cancellation in ShipStation. There is not a fix in the works at this time, for this behavior specifically, as this is operating as intended.


@TheMangoFactory, I definitely hear what you're saying about the Combine/Split process working differently in our New Layout vs the old version. I would be very interested to hear from some other community members about how they are tackling this type of workflow issue you have described! I know that from older orders, you can continue to "Create a new shipment" from the order directly, but I understand this may not cover every detail of what you are hoping to accomplish. If I receive any word about adjustments to this process I will certainly update here!


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