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Order number not printing on Commercial Invoice

New Contributor

According to the documentation, label message 1 should appear on customs invoice forms. If we add [Order #]  to label message 1, it does not print on the commercial invoice. 

How do we enter it so it will be printed?


New Contributor

This also does not work:


This is a major bug because the commercial invoice is submitted electronically without the Invoice # or PO#


What is the solution?

New Contributor

Below are 2 screenshots taken from the ShipStation documentation, here 

and here


Neither works for UPS commercial invoice.


shipstation comm invoice order number not printing a 2021-12-14_18-07-58.png




shipstation comm invoice order number not printing 2021-12-14_18-07-58.png

New Contributor

Correction - 

These instructions work:

Our mistake was adding a space before pipe.

Even so, it would be very useful if this worked as discussed so it doesn't have to be entered manually for every order: