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Please create a Public Roadmap of Features/Requests/Bugs


This community has become less useful over the past few weeks and become more of a sounding board about how/why the new V3 forced rollout is terrible compared to V2. I have plenty of issues with it and this community (unfortunately) can't help in most cases. I've chatted with support on numerous occasions, constantly being told that "we'll have to elevate this" and "you can make a feature request in the community", but nothing ever seems to happen.


A Public Roadmap would help put customers at ease and would probably reduce the likely overwhelming amount of support requests from customers at the moment regarding V3.


One example is linked below, but many companies do this.  It gives transparency into the what's being worked on, what's planned, and most importantly, it allows customers to vote on items that they think are the most important.


I'd really like to see ShipStation get back to a more usable state and I think doing something like this might help both customers and the ShipStation developers.


Occasional Contributor

Publishing a public roadmap would be a great suggestion if we didn't know that the features and functionality we want are already in place in a version ShipStation could roll us all back to with a push of a button.


Any response from SS on the roapmap this is definitely needed, we are all investors in this business as subscribers so think this would be a fair thing to share visibility of?  Please Shipstation, this is common practice in the SaaS space.