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Problem with address standardizing


Hi,  following the successful resolution of a previous problem I've experienced I thought I'd try with this one.

I can't use the new layout.  I'd love to, but I can't.  

The main reason for this is that address standardizing is a nightmare.  I have it turned off on all my stores because it constantly changes addresses to something completely different if I have it on.  I think it probably works quite well with US addresses but with those in Europe the database seems to struggle and I much prefer orders being flagged up for me to manually check as often when done automatically it changes it to a completely different address. For example an address the other day was 'Flat 3, 7 Robertson Close'  the standardization changed it to '3 Robertson Close' and even added the name of a company based there to the address.  Unfortunately the business was a bar currently closed under lockdown rules so there was no way for my customer to retrieve the package and I had to send out a replacement at my expense.


If I use the new layout even though all my stores have address standardizing turned off it still applies it to new orders.  If you go in to edit address details on an order in the old layout with my settings the 'Auto Correct' box is unticked.  If I go into edit address on the new layout the 'Auto Correct' box is ticked.


Every now and then I try the new layout to see if this issue is fixed as there are some features I'd definitely like to be taking advantage of but this one issue means I just can't use it yet.



Hey there @UniquelyGeekly! Thanks for continuing to be a part of our community here. We truly appreciate you and the time you spend here with us! 


I absolutely see what you mean about the stores on your account maintaining the "auto-correct" feature in the new layout, even with the store settings adjusted away from this feature. Due to this, we would recommend reaching out to our support department to investigate this behavior in depth with a support agent. 




From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!