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Product shipping defaults not working


Is anyone else experiencing a problem where you have to re-select the saved shipping service (ie. USPS Ground Advantage) in order to ship an item, despite the item having saved shipping defaults (service, confirmation packaging, weight, dimensions)?

When an order is imported, the item has shipping defaults already saved. We used to be able to review the rate and, with one click, select CREATE LABEL. If we wanted to print several of the same item as a batch, it would show us the total rate for the orders and we would select CREATE LABEL and that was it.

Now, despite having shipping defaults saved, we receive a rate error when we try to CREATE LABEL. In order to make the error go away, we have the re-select the shipping service and the rate will refresh so we can then ship. This problem is also eliminating the ability to print more than one order in batches because we have the re-select the shipping service for each order individually.

I've attached a screenshot for a visual. 

Any suggestions?



It's been two weeks and do you think I've gotten a reply to the emails I've sent customer support? Nope!

As many others have said over the past two years, it's time to move on from Shipstation. It was great and it worked near-flawlessly for the first 6 years of our business. The past two years have been awful. Shipstation's rapid plummet in reliability and functionality is shocking. How does a great piece of software become so terrible so quickly?

Hello @vcv


Thanks for reaching out and for sharing your feedback about your experience. I just wanted to check in with you to see if this has been resolved or if you are still in need of assistance with this? 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 


@Manager-Erin , there's been no update or movement on this issue since I contacted Shipstation so I'd say it's far from a resolution.

On 8/8, 8/14, and now 8/18, I emailed D.B. at , a Shipstation "User Success Specialist." Do you think there's any courtesy to reply to our emails? Hell no!

It's sad that a "User Success Specialist" has no real ability to ensure a user's success and, in fact, might as well be flipping customers the finger. Shipstation is rampant with problems and support is abysmal. Why are users so consistently failed by Shipstation management and support? 

Where is management at Shipstation while the ship is burning??

Hello @vcv


I am sorry to hear that this is the experience you have had and. I would like to look into this further upon your behalf. Please be on the lookout for a Private message from me shortly. 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 


@Manager-Erin not even Shipstation's basic forum messaging works?? I try to reply to your PM and it says I've "reached the limit for number of private messages that you can send for now. Please try again later."

I haven't sent a PM since 7/5/22, more than a year ago! Unbelieveable.



Hello VCV, 


Thank you for getting back to me. I am sorry that you were having trouble responding to my private message. The error that the community platform is giving you is new to me and I am currently investigating this, so thanks for bringing that to my attention. 


In regards to your ticket and a follow up, what I can see right now is that this is still being investigated internally with senior support. I have reached out to support and someone should be in contact shortly via your ticket. 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 


@Manager-Erin PM's don't work because, well, nothing seems to work correctly with Shipstation. 

Here's the email from the Shipstation rep that "escalated" the issue and now hasn't replied to my emails on 9/8, 9/14, or 9/18. Nobody is held accountable at Shipstation so there's nothing stopping people like D.B. from ignoring customers.


Your request (3748464) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

D.B. (ShipStation)
Sep 5, 2023, 5:28 PM CDT
Hey there,

Thanks for your patience in awaiting an update.

I've escalated this case up to the development team to resolve the underlying issue. In the meantime, your best option is to attempt to apply default services via Automation Rules or service mappings; if you'd like some assistance in setting this up, please let me know.

Feel free to reach back out if you have any further questions or concerns as well!

All the best,
User Success Specialist

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