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Removing Tags via Automation




Right now it is possible to add tags via automation but not possible to remove them.


This would be useful for us to "nest" automations without creating 100s of them.


As an example, in some instances our team needs to choose the packaging size in the service.  There are some couriers we don't need to do this for (which is selected based on delivery location and what the customer chooses to pay for).


For couriers that we need to do this for we could apply a tag, at this stage and then set an automation to auto select based on criteria further down the workflow and remove the tag so our team know they don't need to review.




Occasional Contributor

The API has a "removetag" call. Would that work for you? I discovered that if you use the "createorder" call to update an order, it won't remove tags. You have to explicitly call "removetag".