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Reorder products on packing slip


We ship a selection of products that have common categories - ie the protein they use. We have a wide range of items and our warehouse is ordered by the product categories. 


I'd like to have my products print on the packing slip not in the order that the customer added them to the basket, but ordered by the category each product falls into - so that, for example, my team can pick all the 'lamb" items from the "lamb" section, without having to go back and forth to each different section.


I've categorised our products in ShipStation, but wondering how I can then get this to affect the ways products are ordered? 

Or is there a way to simply rank/layout products so that they always print in a set order? 







Hello! And thanks for being part of our community!


The Packing Slip document options (in Settings > Printing Setup) offers a way to determine how items are ordered on your packing slip. But product category is not one of those options. 




However, there may be a way to still accomplish what you are asking about. Since your warehouse is organized by the same product categories, you could use the warehouse location option. But, you would have to fill in the warehouse location field for your products for this to work.


If you have a lot of products, you can use the Product CSV import method to update the Warehouse Location field rather than filling them in product by product in the Product Details screen. For instructions on how to update product records in bulk, review our Update Product Records help article.

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx