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Search results by order status

Frequent Contributor

I often do a search for a SKU and want to see all unshipped orders, which means those with order status Awaiting Shipment, Awaiting Payment, or On Hold.  In V2 I could search for the SKU, adjust the "order status" checkboxes, and quickly see everything in one place.


This appears to have disappeared in V3.  I can search for a SKU, but then can only see each order status at a time, I cannot see them all at once.  I can get this to work with an advanced search, but I need to go through and select the order statuses from the "Order Status" dropdown, which automatically minimizes each time.  I then need to adjust the date, because the default date is too recent and I need to look back further. 


Basically, a search that used to take 1 or 2 clicks now takes about 10.  Can this be fixed?


Howdy @david_dean


Thank you for providing this feedback! 


I know that we are in the midst of making a lot of improvements and this feedback is being actively reviewed. 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Any updates on this?  Can you let me know the results of the review of my feedback?

Frequent Contributor

I want to know if this is something that will be added.  I'm finding the need to use Advanced Search really limiting.  The extra steps needed are annoying enough, but the Advanced Search is, ironically, not as capable as the normal search.  For example, many customers use their name as the "Recipient" and their company as the "Company Name".  If I enter the company name in the normal search it will appear in the results.  But there is no way to do this in the advanced search!  I can only search by recipient name, if I search for the company name I get no results.


Another way that V3 makes everything more difficult or impossible.  I don't know why V3 removed this functionality from the normal search, and limited the "advanced" search like this.