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Ship Station not marking orders complete in WooCommerce or sending "Shipped" emails to customer


For the last two weeks Shipstation has not been marking woo commerce orders as complete or sending the customer email with the tracking info and shipment confirmation. Escalated to tech support over a week ago but support has been steadily declining and seems like 30% of the updates break something. 

Anyone else having this problem?


Occasional Contributor

We are facing the same issue here, support for shipstation is definitely not the greatest and I couldnt agree more, the team seems to not do extensive testing when releasing these 'upgrades'. Where are the project managers at.

Hello, CPSupplies! 


Thank you for your post! If you could contact support at to log your issue, that would be wonderful. They could also further assist you by looking at your settings to see if something on that end could be causing this issue for you. 


I appreciate your showing up and voicing your concerns. 


Happy Shipping!






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I've also had the same issue with the NOTHS store. I've tried reconnecting the API - but nothing works.

Am awaiting support ...

Hello @sarah1!


Thanks for your post! It looks like you have a support ticket in and the team needs some additional information from you to proceed with troubleshooting. If you're still encountering this issue, please reply to ticket 6870068 so they can continue to assist.


Thank you again for your patience!