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'Shipped' orders page shows incorrect dates


We are dependent on knowing which orders went out at the end of the day. And within shipstation in the 'Shipped" section, we can see all of our orders ever shipped. But if you actually look in the 'Age' or the 'Ship Date' column, over 10% of Age information is wrong/showing 0hrs old. And in the Ship Date column, almost half are completely missing a date. Can we please have some help with fixing this? 


To make our needs be completely satisfied, we would like to be able to export onto a pdf a list of all the orders that were shipped for the day so that we can gather a dollar amount of total of orders that shipped for that day.


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I had this same issue yesterday with an order. The label was created on the 25th at 11 am but when I ran my reports at the end of the day to export them, that order did not show up. When I went back and double-checked it, it showed it was shipped the previous day. I contacted support and they had no logical answer why but suggested I void the label and create a  new one, the problem with this "solution" is that FedEx already picked up the package. 

I really miss the good old days when I only had to contact support once every few months, instead of multiple times a day now. This is getting out of hand. ShipStation needs to address and FIX these issues!

Thank you for sharing your story, we too have found issues growing recently.

@NEV, based on what you're describing there, I would recommend reaching out to our support team so that this behavior can be documented. Any details around your workflow with that process will be terrific knowledge to assist in the investigation. 


@BC-Shipping, I see that you have already reached out to support in regards to this behavior. This is absolutely the right choice! 


We are looking into these behaviors y'all have described, so providing any additional information is very appreciated as we investigate.

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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We are also having the same issue the past week or so!!