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Shipping tubes with UPS - additional fees?


Shipstation does not offer "tubes" as a package type. So when I ship a 24" long tube that has a diameter of 3". I enter the package as 24" X 3" X 3" (a box). On the UPS website, they say they charge an additional handling fee for mailing tubes. My question is: will I get billed as an adjustment through shipstation as this tube goes through the UPS system?


Shipstation support does not understand the question. 


Hey there @KennyW


You are correct. UPS will charge an adjustment as an "Additional handling fee" for mailing tubes, just like you mentioned. 


To see this rate in advance while setting up your shipment, you can click the checkbox for "This Shipment requires Additional Handling" under Shipment Options. 


It will be important to have the Service, Package, and Shipping Account all filled in like normal of course. Once the dimensions and weight have been provided to the shipment setup, checking the "additional handling" checkbox will update the rate accordingly. 


You can reference this screenshot if you are more of a visual person like myself. 


I hope this helps clear up any confusion! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


@Moderator-Davis I am shipping a 15oz, 27" X 3" tube. Rate before checking the additional handling is $8.08. With the additional handling, $19.83. If I am getting charged "adjustments" for the additional $11.75, where do I find that on ShipStation?

Howdy @KennyW,


Those adjustments are seen at the rate while in ShipStation. 


To see a report/record of those "additional handling" fees, you would need to check those out via the Stamps portal for that information! 


You can review this Knowledge Base article on how to view UPS from ShipStation Adjustments


I hope this helps my friend! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


It looks like I am getting charged UPS adjustments every month, Mostly for third party deliveries. Over $8.00 adjustment sometimes for third party delivery. There goes most of my profits for an order. And I do see a few $12.75 adjustments, which I assume is for shipping a mailing tube. For a 27" - 15oz tube going UPS ground, that is $20.00 or more in shipping. Still cheaper to go with USPS including the additional $4.00 surcharge.