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Shipstation Address Validation Wrong

Occasional Contributor

I recently had this happen 3 times with shipstation. The shopify order imports with the correct address, but once in shipstation it auto validates it and switches it to a "validated" address but the address is totally wrong. I've had 3 customers reach out about this. It's very concerning. Any thoughts?


Occasional Contributor

We turned off address validation for this reason.  It was completely deleting post office boxes and street address lines.  I am SICK of having to open up support tickets with shipstation for stuff like this so we turned it off.

We had TWO customers reach out to us before we did that.  It's highly concerning.

Now we validate each order manually and check to make sure it's not deleting/omitting anything. And we ship between 50-100 jobs a day. Ridiculous.


Is it possible that the addresses in question were in New York? We've had this happen a number of times, and in each case, it's because the customer put "New York" as the city name in their shipping address, rather than the appropriate NYC borough (e.g. Brooklyn). What we usually see is that it will try to find the closest matching street name in *Manhattan* - not the exact same street name by the way - and override the zip code entirely.

In general though, we see this happen randomly every few weeks with non-NYC addresses as well, particularly international ones.

Occasional Contributor

We've had the same issue with a customer from NJ that shipstation imported as NY. 

Occasional Contributor

The only one I remember specifically was puerto rico. It was getting returned to us for an autocorrected (incorrectly) address so the poor customer had to wait about 3.5 weeks to get her order.

New Contributor

We just had an order the other week where ShipStation completely erased the second address line which listed the PO box number. Because of this, the shipment was returned to us, and the customer was very upset about the entire situation.

Does anyone know if ShipStation is working on fixing this issue, or is the only solution to turn address validation off?


Hello otherindustries! 


We appreciate your post and bringing this to our attention. We are not currently seeing this as a documented issue, so if you wouldn't mind, please reach out to when this occurs so we can report the issue correctly. 


Thank you again, and we appreciate you!


Happy Shipping!