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Shipstation Inventory Management: Can Shipstation be used to scan each product individually?


     Hello, long time user here. I was wondering if I am missing something, but it looks like in you cannot use ShipStation to scan item by item when picking. For example scanning 3 widgets and the order allocates each one from stock as you do so. Every inventory management system I have seen has this feature, but it looks like ShipStation's main use case does not include per item shipping (a great system to prevent human error in picking.)

Maybe I am wrong though! So please share with me how you manage inventory in your business.



Occasional Contributor

We have to manage the inventory on our X-Cart store within the store. We use Shipstation after pulling all the items for an order to scan and verify that the items are correct. We've brought it up annually about having the option on the Shipstation packing slip to show the inventory amount that Shipstation has per item however it's fallen on deaf ears over the years. We had the X-Cart store inventory added to the X-Cart packing slip as a work around. It should all be something easy for Shipstation to do as they have the data already.