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Shipstation needs each log in per company to communicate with each other seamlessly.

Can you ask the tech team to look at improving this function
So we operate using two log ins on your system
So one employee goes in and checks that all address look complete and accurate and no weird issues
But when we do add APT A when the customer just put A
it does not stay for the other employee's login
When we remove them putting their email address, or too many unnecessary words in the mailing address, the other computer and log in doesn't see it, even if they refresh
When we change an address and make it valid and press validate address, it also doesn't take when the other computer and log in refreshes, so it is disappointing for someone to fix the addresses but then the other employee who has less experience doesn't get that on their user face

Does that make sense?


Try refreshing the page, a lot of things appear to be loaded when the page is first loaded (like user tags) and won't be reflected until the other instance is refreshed. 

Including an instance that has been opened for hours or even days, if it hasn't been refreshed.