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Should ShipSurance only cover product values, or add taxes and shipping as it does?

Occasional Contributor

We have an automation that adds ShipSurance to our orders, but there isn't any control for how it's applied.  You can't select whether to cover the taxes or shipping costs, it's always included even though ShipStation knows what the product cost is when passed to it from Shopify.  Possibly taxes can be included in a claim, I don't know.

Some couriers will allow recovering the shipping costs, but that doesn't ever come out of ShipSurance as far as we know.  This would cause us to burn through the ShipStation funding much more quickly than if it only covered the products or products and taxes.




Frequent Contributor

I've spoken with support many times regarding this issue and have seen several posts in this forum. Support has always agreed that it shouldn't include shipping fees but no correction has ever been made. Now with V3, the amount either shows blank sometimes or is the wrong amount altogether. I've also noticed that sometimes when the field is auto-populated, V3 doesn't recognize that there is an entry in the field and you get the orange warning icon. You then have to select the field and tab out for V3 to recognize there is an amount entered.

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The shipsurance website says it does cover shipping costs, or is shipping fees something else?

Shipsurance - Frequently Asked Questions for Shipping Insurance

We've always included shipping+product costs when doing shipsurance, just want to make sure we are doing it right.

Occasional Contributor

Well for us we can claim the shipping costs from the courier (UPS etc) as part of the normal claims process (plus the base $100 coverage), so no need to pay extra to ShipSurance to cover this part, it makes ShipSurance more expensive without any added benefit from our perspective.