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Software Update

New Contributor

We just updated to the new version of shipstation this month. My staff was complaining and i though it was just because they do not like change. With some of the staff on vacation i was able to use to the new version my self. The new version of ship station is terrible. I have been using ship station for many years and i have had no problems up to now. It had me wondering if you guys even tested it out before releasing it. I'm left scratching my head on how bad this is.


1)The page as a whole is very slow to respond. When you try to make a postage selection the boxes do not respond well. I often have to select a postage provider or box type two or three times. Terrible, terrible, terrible

2) Check boxes next to orders are very slow to respond. They do not work correctly and its not my internet connection. I checked the box next to the order and sometimes i have to do it twice. If i do check the box successfully it refreshes the page. Terrible, terrible, terrible 

3) Batch labels get delayed and often i have to do the process twice. Loading errors are very common and it disrupts work flow 

4) Customs info is not added in automatically like the last version. Like international orders aren't a pain as it is- now i have to manually add customs info which disrupts workflow. 

5)The pictures for half of my products are importing into shipstation automatically like before. I large majority of my items have no picture. 


I though new software should make things easier for the seller not harder. 

In the ecommerce world inches make champions- If you loose a little bit of ground you are out of business

This new software is terrible, terrible, terrible. 

For the first time after many years i am thinking of finding a new shipping software

Someone at your company should be held accountant able for how bad this software is 




Hello there @JoshSimone


Thanks for bringing us this feedback. We definitely want to hear what is not working for you about the new layout. 


In order to get that sort of interface feedback (your #s 1 and 2) with the right folks, I would encourage you to find the GIVE FEEDBACK button in blue lettering at the top of the page. Leaving a comment there for feedback will be beneficial in going along with your feedback here that I am providing to my product team. 


Reviewing your post, looking at numbers 4 and 5 specifically, these sound like they could potentially be direct and account specific issues you are running into. Due to this, I highly recommend following up with our support team to get to the bottom of these behaviors ASAP. I will be direct messaging you about some of the wheels that I have already put in motion on your behalf. 


I hope you're having a wonderful day! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Occasional Contributor

Giving feedback is useless. Ship station does not care nor do they listen to their customers. I have ranted for years about how stupid their so-called updates are to no avail. Nobody cares. It’s like they have a guy named Guido sitting in a corner of a cubicle with a store that has three items and he ships nothing and they run all change his past him instead of real customers. This is what you get when management doesn’t listen to the voice of the customer.

New Contributor

We're also experiencing 1 and 2, very slow. I'm not sure how long it's been going on, perhaps several weeks. Support cleared our backend cache on Aug 9, and that seemed to help for a while. It's not slow all of the time, but most of the time. 

We must get this resolved to continue with shipstation. How can I help? Shall I post another thread here? I don't see the blue Give Feedback button you mentioned.

New Contributor

Hold on my earlier reply. Support may have found a fix. I need to do more testing.

Occasional Contributor

I totally agree 100%. The “update“ is a mutation and not an improvement. It is absolutely HORRIBLE!! !  Previously I could hover over a customer’s name to see if they have ordered before. Now I not only have to click on their name but I have to close the window as well. I can’t go through a long list of customers very quickly. It’s much slower and more tedious.

Also comments/notes used to be highlighted in blue which were very easy to see because they stood out. Now it is a dull gray that is harder to see/notice.  


And now when I open an order the price does not fit on the screen anymore. I have to drag the bar horizontally in order to see the prices. That never happened before. 

it’s like a bunch of 5th graders got a hold of it.  Unbelievable! I was angry that they were forcing us into an update because I called it right. I told them they were incapable of rolling out anything but a mutation. I’ve been down this road before with them.


The root problem is that the owner is tone deaf and out of touch. They are out of touch with what customers really want. No customer that runs a heavy duty shipping business in his right mind would have said this was an improved version. 

we are looking for a different platform now. I can’t handle their stupidity any longer. It just blows my mind that they didn’t run this past any heavy duty business owners. Almost makes me want to start my own shipping software company. 

I was hoping at a bare minimum they would have a way to highlight orders with an important color bike and color code them for different reasons. I do not see a way to do that. 

The list is longer but you get the picture.