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Split Orders and SKUVault

Occasional Contributor

With the new version of ShipStation, split orders no longer flow downstream to SKUVault as two separate orders. Instead, the most recently updated order flows to SKUVault. This makes it a pain to manage, and creates inaccurate information in our ERP.


Please fix the system so that split order behave like the did in the past, creating a distinct order that flows to downstream systems.


New Contributor

I also prefer the old split order function where a new order was created with a "-1" appended to the end of the order ID. SkuVault now removes the inventory or all items in the order, even the items that were split. If the order was split because there is no inventory of an item, SkuVault will not reduce below zero. So then when stock is eventually available on that split item, we proceed with shipping and SkuVault thinks the stock of that order was already removed so nothing is reduced. 

New Contributor

Yes, yes, yes, please make this functionality available.  This is a huge frustration with backordered Items and manually trying to keep track of inventory.  I don't know if this is possible to create a push back to SkuVault once an order is split or partial orders are put on hold.  

Occasional Contributor

I am glad to see that I am not the only one suffering because ShipStation chose to take away Manual Splits. This should not be a hard problem to solve. Just give us back what we once had.