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The new layout is awful & Shipstation plan to migrate all users to this


Shipstation have disabled the give feedback / opt out from the new layout button as "ShipStation plans to keep improving this new layout as our users' needs change and grow. at the moment ShipStation will be migrating all users to the new layout as the legacy version will be phased out".

Do people not test this from a user perspective? If so & this has been rolled out anyway this is definitelyfor their benefit, not the clients.


Occasional Contributor

I've been trying it over the past several months and every time I use it, I find a shortcoming and switch back. UGH. 


Thankfully I have managed to remain on the legacy layout. I have no intention of using the new layout and if the time does come that I'm forced to do so, I will subscribe with another provider; I have a list of some backups I've done trials with. I'd rather not switch but we'll save money anyway after our ShipStation subscription cost more than doubled this year. Plus the performance issues are continuing to become more & more frequent over the last year it seems. It's almost too problematic at this point. If I weren't too busy to transition, I may have by now. It's really too bad - I've been using this program for 10 years!