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Three things I'd like to see in Shipstation

New Contributor

1. Make submissions easier. I know there's a process for suggesting ideas. I just can't find the start of it without a lot of trouble. Expose better what you already have.

2. Fully implement Paste Entire Address. Love that feature . . . then I clean up after it. Move recipient name out of company name field, so the required recipient field isn't blank. Add email, because this is NEVER picked up from the paste. Fix the phone because this is SOMETIMES picked up from the paste---yes if it's a formatted number, no if it's a string of 10 digits (what would that be besides a phone number?)

3. Make it easier to send another package to the same address. Did I send a shipment to this person? Yes, at this address. Great. Can I quickly send a follow-up/replacement part to that same address? No. Enter it all over again, cycling through Notepad to save time. But you'll still have to reenter data because of #2 above.

Bob @ Flatbike


Occasional Contributor

Re:#3 you can create a second shipment based on the first. On the order screen you have to click the shipment icon on the left then click the + icon. 





Chris B
Hawaii's Local Buzz