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UPS, ZEBRA, LP 2844 works when it wants to, but mostly doesnt


i have a mac with the latest os and it doesnt matter what i do my zebra printer works sometimes, and others just will not work.  it is connected by usb and my other std printer works fine all the time.  i can unplug the usb and plug it back in and sometimes it works, but not most of the time.  I swapped the printer with one i have connected to a pc and the printer works fine on there.   wth is going on?  i replaced all cables and still similar.  once it starts it seems to do ok but left for any extended period of time 10 min or more.  it will not connect.   it worked great for at least 2 years and now it is driving me crazy.  i would get another one but this one works sometimes and works all the time on a pc so its not the printer.