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Undo "Mark as shipped"

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I am able to undo "mark as shipped" for orders that were fulfilled by my warehouse, but not for orders where I printed the label myself.  Can someone explain that logic to me?  Why can't I undo it for all orders?


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Please let me know when someone answers this. TY 

Howdy yall, 


I was hoping that you may be able to provide me some clarity so I can make sure I'm properly explaining your intentions to my team. 


Could you detail that workflow for me please? If you are printing out the labels directly, you would likely not need to take that "marked as shipped" action on the order. Just want to make sure that I have a full understanding of your desired outcome. 


Thanks in advance! 🙂



From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

In shipstation we will mark some orders "Marked as shipped" because we dropship some of our orders. So I will click, "...>Other Actions>marked as shipped> other> dropshipped> marked as ship. But I was training someone in my company and they marked things as shipped that should have been. How do I revert it back? 

Thank you both for these details! 


Your descriptions of these workflows will be a great help. 


@mrpshipping, at this time, there is not a way to revert a "marked as shipped" order back to awaiting shipment once again. With that in mind, I will certainly be bringing this information to my team as we move forward with some updates that are on the horizon!


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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Here are two possibilities.


First, Suppose I print a label for an order, and after printing it I realize that the order had contained an item that is out of stock and won't be available for a while.  I will want to return this order to "Awaiting Shipping" status while I wait for the item to come back into stock.


Second - and this one is brought up a lot - is if I ship an order and then, for some reason, need to re-ship it.  The easiest way to do this would be to move the order back to Awaiting Shipping, and then create a new label. 


We failed to ship an item from a customers order, and want to mark as not shipped, so we can assign that item that was missing to a new shipment. But unable to see a way to do this. If we create another shipment, there is no button to add product.