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Validating Addresses sometimes just doesn't seem to work easily

New Contributor

Validating addresses seems to be glitchy in shipstation ... most times it works flawlessly, but every once in awhile it just doesn't work at all.

I've gotten good at 'spotting' simple errors in an address or things that sometimes a customer adds to clarify (but causes an error). Fixing these things almost always works the first time.

But every once in awhile, an address just won't let me 'validate'. I typically reach out to the customer to 'confirm' the address. Assuming I'm now 99% confident that the address is the address formatted the way the customer requests, then I occasionally still can't validate.

I know that the orange triangle warning lets me print. I'm happy with this warning knowing that some detail does not matching with the USPS data base, but I'm 100% confident that my shipping clerks will be able to process the order - i.e. purchase and print label.

But sometimes I get 'stuck with a red circle warning. And when I attempt to validate nothing happens visually .. . the red circle warning remains.

The problem is the red circle warning sometimes let's me print ... but sometimes does NOT let me purchase/print a label.

My suggestion would be that if I validate, then the warning should change from red circle to orange triangle. This would give me confidence that my shipping guys won't run into an issue when they process the order.

Not sure if others have experienced this but wanted to go on the record and articulate my concern. 


Hey there @HeatherHolmes


Thank you for providing this feedback regarding the Address Validating feature. 


We appreciate you participating with us! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!