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View Tax Identifiers Assigned to Shipped Orders


Hi there,


I need to apply my IOSS (EU) tax identifier to all shipments going to the EU.  I have followed the directions on how to  set this up in the new UI and I also have automations successfully in place so that all imported (or manually created) orders from EU countries are automatically assigned the IOSS Tax ID.  I can successfully see that the Tax IDs are applied in orders that are Awaiting Shipment:




So far, so good!


My concern however is that once an order is processed, there's no way of seeing whether or not the Tax Identifier was actually applied to the order (and therefore the shipment data).  It is essential that merchants have some way to check whether a given Tax ID was assigned to a shipment, since:


  1. The international authorities may erroneously attempt to bill the customer for additional taxes.  In which case we need to be able to find evidence that we did in fact apply the correct Tax ID to the shipment so we can dispute the claim of the authorities.

  2. Merchants may occasionally forget to apply the Tax ID to orders, in which case the customer will receive a bill of valid tax charges.  We need to be able to confirm that the order was in fact missing the Tax ID, so we can square this away and refund any tax charges that we billed to the customer.


Here's a screenshot on what I think this should look like:








Super User
Super User

This makes a lot of sense I hope this can be implemented!