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Why do useful features go away?

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This is a serious question, not just me ranting. Until last week, when I set up a UPS pickup, the time options I was given were in 15 minute increments. Now they are in hour increments (see picture). This seems like such a little thing to someone who doesn't actually use the software, but on my end this has already created problems. My company closes at 5:00pm. I used to be able to set the close of the pickup window to 4:45pm and UPS was here and gone before we closed. Now, since I don't have that option, UPS is frequently showing up right as everyone is trying to leave. Such a little tweak is affecting our entire work schedule. And no, I don't want to set the pickup window to close at 4:00pm, because that means fewer packages going out each day.

So my question is serious, why are (what seem to be arbitrary) changes like this made to the interface? (A more snarky poster would add "especially when I have support tickets that have been open since January and are costing us money that no one has responded to.")





Hello @jeremy_S-and-S


Thanks for being a part of our community, it is always good to see you around. I am going to look into this and see what information I can find out about this change for you. 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager