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Status: Investigating
Please add Speedee Delivery as a shipping integration! All of our shipping is equally between UPS, Speedee, and USPS.
I fully understand that integrating SpeeDee fully into the shipstation platform. I am actually ok with out that, but just an extremely simple fix that can be done is to add "SpeeDee" as an option to the drop down list of carriers so I don't have to use "Other" and confuse my customers when they don't know what the tracking number represents. Please review this idea, and I think it would provide an easy benefit to all of us SpeeDee users. Thanks.
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Is there an update on this @Shipstation? This is a fairly large Midwest regional carrier.
Status changed to: Investigating
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@SuperMgr-Sarah any update on this? We have been using Spee-Dee for many years and since switching to ShipStation not having this carrier has brought many customer complaints.


While we would love to see a full integration, can Spee-Dee Delivery Service be added to the drop down list of carriers as @UncleProsLLC has suggested?

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You can Add Traveling Bags to this list as well.

If anyone who ships in the midwest isn't using Speedee You are crazy...  They are fast, reliable, and really, REALLY REALLY Cheap.   They only charge by weight, Basically non Dimensional fees. 

I ship Luggage which is basically shipping Air...  This saves me $20 -$30 per package.

Ship station you are missing the boat not having an integration not only for Ship station but for midwest shippers who really want to save money...

SPEEDEE    SPEEDEE      SPEEDEE      SPEEDEE       SPEEDEE      SPEEDEE       SPEEDEE        SPEEDEE        SPEEDEE           

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So for anyone still following this...  I just talked with a programmer of the Speedee Shipping Software.  Depending upon what everyone uses for software on the front end ( I use Shopify ) he can build an integration to use Speedee... 
To make it integrate with Shopify is a much bigger project but could be possible too with enough interest from users and or if Shipstation directly wanted to contact him.
If you are still interested comment to this message with the software you use on the front end if any, and I will pass the information along.

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SpeeDee is a very important partner for us.  ShipStation would provide substantially more value to us if SpeeDee were available.


@TBMKE any progress on this. I would be very interested in having this. What is the quote from your programmer to make this happen?  I'd consider investing and then marketing an integration solution to other users of ShipStation in the SPEEDEE states. There are many, and if the solution was simple enough it would make sense for them to buy it. It would also dramatically increase the Volume to SPEEDEE, and currently if a shipment is less than $3 difference I just ship it UPS because opening the SPEEDEE app takes time and extra messing around.  But if it were simply a click, I would always choose SPEEDEE to save a nickel. Let me know how far you've gotten since this post.  Thanks. I am at 800-901-9902 if you want to reach out.


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@SuperMgr-Sarah Is there and update to integration with Spee Dee Delivery?


Hello @Treepro


Thanks for reaching out and thanks for checking in. There is not currently an update on this idea, however, as soon as we have an update we will share it here. 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager