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I was advised by Shipstation support to post the following request.


We exclusively use Royal Mail's Tracked Services, the most obvious benefit of these service is of course tracking, which is provided by Royal Mail via SMS & Email direct to our customers.


Currently in order to benefit from these options on Shipstation, it is necessary to tick a box and then manually enter the email address and/or telephone no. of our customers.

This entirely elminates any benefits provided by Shipstations powerful automation options and is a giant step backwards compared to our current provider.

It would be highly advantageous to the vast majority of Royal Mail users, if these field were ticked and populated with the recipients details by default, or at the very least the ability to add automation rules to achieve the same outcome would be accetpable. It is very unlikely in our view customoers would not want to receive the tracking notifications we pay for.

We are poised to switch to Shipstation, however not providing customers the tracking notifications they expect, will result in us being bombarded with "where's my order" enquiries. Copying and pasting customer details completely defeats the purpose of using Shipstation and is therefore a non-starter.

I hope this can be implemented as a matter of urgency and allow us to reap the rewards of moving over to Shipstation.

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Good Morning


This is very important feature that we require urgently. Without this we will be forced to find an alternative solution to Shipstation, we ideally we do not want to do.


Please can you give me an idea of the lead time for this.


We would also benefit from this

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Hi. I have searching Shipstation support to find how to enable this. And ultimately came across this. This is a must have requirement for us too. Even Royal Mail's own system Click & Drop provides this as a basic functionality. And inputting customer's phone and email manually for each order, when you have hundreds or thousands to fulfil each day is not practical.

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Hi @SuperMgr-Sarah, adding you to this chain as well. If you can kindly update. Thank you. 


I've been looking for this too. I came from Click & Drop where it is either enabled and mapped by default for all parcels, or not. Generally I prefer not, because our WooCommerce store already sends 2 emails, and I think it is annoying to have too many communications. However, we have been getting a deliverability problem, whereby tracking says the parcel has been delivered by Royal Mail, and 2 weeks later the customer contacts us asking where the parcel is. By that stage it is far to late to do anything and we have to replace the parcel.

What I suspect has been happening is that the customer doesn't know it has been left outside somewhere, and either the bin men take it away, or the next courier. So a message to say it has arrived means they will look for it straight away.


So please can we have some automation rules to:

1. Enable RM email notifications and map the email field

2. Enable RM SMS and map the telephone field

3. Enable Safeplace and map a field to it.


Many thanks. 


It seems that there are lots of people requesting this feature and I would like to add myself to the list.


Hopefully if enough people request this then it will get noticed. I'm sure it wouldn't be that difficult to implement.


The existing mechanism is such an interface horror... Doing it manually there is a field titled "email message" which according to the help doc is where you put the customer's email address! Any normal person would not realise that the field is mis-titled. 

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We have been waiting for this feature for over 6 months. I have been forced to send all my Royal Mail parcels using Shiptheory as a result. This is something that is surely a very easy fix.

Please can someone from Shipstation respond and let us all know when this issue will be sorted.

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Any update here?

Hey there @chrisneal - you can absolutely use sms notifications with Royal Mail if you'd like! Check out this article about utilizing this step with RM! 


I hope this helps 🙂