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Currently Shipstation does not offer Direct Signature or actual signature guarantee delivery with DHL Express integration. This means that for now, Electronic Signature is the only verifiable signature upon delivery and can be forged by delivery drivers so that they can drop off packages without signatures. We recently had a situation where a DHL driver delivered a package to a customer and signed off the Electronic Signature as "Front Door" and left the package on the front step of the customer, which led to the package being stolen. Versus if the package was signed for, this would not happen, and the package would be delivered a different day if the customer was not available. 

This small addition would add a massive amount of security for our orders going forward as we generally ship high cost, handmade footwear and can't afford to lose out on packages to customers. Please consider this if possible! Thanks! 

Occasional Contributor

How is this not an option? DHL confirmed with me that this has been available for a while, and it's on ShipStation to enable it.

This is a such a basic feature, it's kind of embarrassing that ShipStation didn't add this to their back end. 

Occasional Contributor

Hoping for this to be put into planned pile, right now our team is considering ditching ShipStation for DHL and using their website to make each label. That way we know for certain we can get signatures on our high value orders.