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Desperately pleading, begging, and asking for a way to have the Similar Checkout Options show with Shopify integration. Right now, it overrides to only show the cheapest setting, but this alienates a lot of customers. If UPS Ground is cheaper, USPS Priority doesn't show and vice versa. When UPS is overridden, it alienates ALL P.O. box customers from order. There are just customers that flat out would rather have USPS or UPS handle their orders over the other. 

I don't believe having the ability to have 2-3 similar options at checkout takes away from anything and only helps businesses, so why is this not an option?


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Hi @dylansenecal , I'm thinking about building a tool that connects to ShipStation/Shopify that will do this for some of ours stores. Will you email me at so we can chat about what you need? If I build it, maybe you can try it out too