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How to switch fulfillment from one Shipstation account to another midstream?

New Contributor

My company uses a Shopify store to sell socks and other products. My company is transitioning from a 3PL to our own internal fulfillment warehouse. The 3PL uses Shipstation, and we are setting up our own Shipstation account to run our internal fulfillment center.

My questions are...

  1. Is there any way to have more than one Shipstation connected to a Shopify store at the same time? Can I cross fade the orders so that both the 3PL and my internal warehouse can ship from the same Shopify store? At the moment I switch over, I want to let the orders already downloaded by the 3PL Shipstation be fulfilled and have the tracking info sent back to Shopify. Meanwhile, I want to start ship[ing new orders from my internal fulfillment center. 

  2. If I can't cross fade, and need to disconnect the 3PL Shipstation account before connecting my own Shipstation account, then what happens to open orders? There's a constant flow of customer orders, and I'm confused by how to switch Shipstations without either losing orders or double shipping orders.

  3. Any tips or pointers for this transition would be very appreciated!