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Needs Assistance: Cutting the Shipping Weight


Originally posted by Gary Samuels


Anyone know if I can use a bubble mailer to ship small products if I label it as a package?


If I understand correctly I can't select Large Envelope, Flat, or Thick Envelope because once I place the products in the envelope it will not meet the flexible standard.  Using a bubble mailer instead of a cardboard box cuts the weight in half and can save me a dollar on each shipment.


Any thoughts?


Super User
Super User

Yes - you can mark your order as "package" and will be fine for the bubble mailer. We do it for all of our packages which we use various sizes of bubble mailers as well as poly bags. 

We tend to stay away from boxes if possible to avoid the extra weight and especially save on dimensional weights. But of course it varies based upon what you are shipping as you want to make sure nothing breaks or gets damaged. 

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