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Printing bug when using insurance


If I choose to insure my shipment with third party insurance like Shipsurance, it generates the label but does not print it. I have to go find the completed shipment in the Shipments section and open it and print it from there. Fix that please. 


Frequent Contributor

V3 does the same thing for me. Shows the many printing popups but doesn't print anything. I've noticed it I just sit there and let it simmer, it eventually (couple of minutes later) will print but nobody has time to wait like that. 

Howdy yall! 


This is an interesting report, and we definitely want to take a look! Please reach out to our support team about this behavior with full details and a potential test order for investigation. 


You can do this thru the Chat widget or email directly to Thanks in advance! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!