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Show me your shipping set-ups!


I am looking to over haul my shipping stations and maximize my space and efficiency.  I want to use scan to verify in my work flow-  does anyone love their set up and are willing to share a picture/ explanation of how you have it set up?  

Thanks in advance!


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We recently introduced this, we have 6 shipping stations in our main site and introduced Scan Verify and Print for as much as possible (we can't for some shipments due to their destination requiring us to specific products in certain packages and shipstation doesn't do this will with Verify and Print - it is done manually by us with split shipments).


Anyway we have set it up like this:

  • Packing Station:
    • Shelf mounted Monitor, PC (mini PC with minimal spec's), multimedia keyboard (no mouse), label printer and wireless barcode scanner.  This shelf is attached to our packing station.
  • Workflow:
    1. Admins either use automation or priorities to print Packing Slips from Shipstation.
    2. Packing slips passed to pickers.
    3. Pickers pick products and pass to packers (on the shipstation packing stations)
    4. Packers scan, verify and print the order 
    5. Packers pack the products and stick the label on.
    6. Shipment leaves

It's maybe not the best, new to use but has formalised things a lot.  It's definately reduced the number of errors in picking but it was a lot slower initially, it took perhaps a month for things to speed up and staff to get used to it.


I've no idea what normal Shipstation clients are like - hope it helps.



Thanks for sharing!

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!