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Verification Scan

New Contributor

It seems around 2 weeks ago an update occurred that changed the workflow of the scan to verify function. You used to be able to scan the product and if it was wrong you could "scan" out of the error message and resume scanning. Now you have to manually click on the Verify Item search bar to resume scanning. Anyone else having this issue? It is requiring someone to be near the computer the entire time, which isn't how we are set up. Is there a way to bypass this?Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 12.36.38 PM.png




We are having the same issues.  Did you find out any information to fix this issue?  We tried to work with support, they were no help.

I'm in contact with Zebra to see if there is a setting that will auto select the search bar after an error. What is crazy is that Shipstation used to not have this issue and when I brought it up to support they acted like they hadn't changed anything. 

New Contributor

Well Zebra says that it's an issue with Shipstation and they don't have a way to use a "key stroke" to tab into the search function that is now required to manually click. 

New Contributor

Has anyone found a solution to this? please help