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Community Guidelines



Community Guidelines 


Last Version Posted: May 19, 2021


We've created the ShipStation Community (“Community”) for you to engage with other ShipStation users, find answers to your how-to and best-practices questions, get tips, and always be learning to keep up with (or get ahead of) the e-commerce and logistics curves. Before participating in these forums, please review these Community Guidelines and our Community Terms of Service.


The primary purpose of this forum is for users to interact with each other about ShipStation! However, members of the ShipStation Community Team do moderate the forum and will jump into a conversation if they can answer a question not answered by the community, offer helpful tips, or clear up confusion about a ShipStation feature or integration.


If you have an issue that needs troubleshooting, we recommend you contact our support team directly. Our moderators will also create support tickets out of posts that appear to need troubleshooting assistance so you can get the help you need as quickly as possible. 


Finally, if you'd like to see a feature or function added to ShipStation that doesn't currently exist, great! For now, the best place for that kind of feedback is at our Product Feedback Forum, which is moderated by our product development team. 


We want the Community to be a place where you can reliably find help for your unique ShipStation questions. To help achieve that goal, please keep these basic rules in mind while posting so the Community can be a positive experience for all:




Be courteous and professional - Refrain from posting vulgar or derogatory content. Swearing and other offensive terms, personal attacks and hate speech will not be tolerated; this includes negative comments or slurs based on age, ethnicity, race, nationality, sexual orientation or gender, religion, or threats to a member’s safety. Treat fellow members and ShipStation staff with courtesy.


Stay on topic - Try to post in the most appropriate topic of the forum. Keep responses to posts as on-topic as possible. Avoid discussing personal topics and topics unrelated to ShipStation services. Moderators may move your post to a more appropriate topic when necessary.


Search before you post - Searching before you post can help us avoid repeat questions, many of which may already have been answered.


Be descriptive with your posts - Posts should be as descriptive as possible so others can easily understand what you’re trying to say. Use your best grammar and spelling (this helps facilitate understanding). Try to make the post more than one sentence. It does not need to be very long, but make sure your point can be understood.


Keep feedback constructive - This is your space and we want to keep it a productive and positive environment for all. You are welcome to provide your honest feedback as long as it is productive, professional, and you are providing information that will help others assist you, where applicable. 


Respect moderators -  Moderators are here to encourage conversation, advocate for all members, and provide a safe experience. Make sure to follow all instructions provided by moderators. Moderators may edit, move, or delete posts at their discretion for the benefit of the Community and its members.


Keep content appropriate and legal - Make sure you have proper authorization to share or post content, including via shared link. Screenshots and links may not lead to explicit material, .exe files, scams, or anything illegal. This also refers to your avatar and any other media directly uploaded to the Community. Please respect copyright and other intellectual property laws.


Report inappropriate behavior - If you come across content that is abusive, offensive, inappropriate or spammy, please report this to our moderators. Our moderators work to keep the Community a safe and productive space. However, you should feel empowered to take ownership of this space as well, especially in places our ShipStation Community Team does not have explicit access to like private messages. 


You can report inappropriate behavior by private messaging any of our moderators or by sending an email to




Do not spam - Do not respond to your own post to get more attention, create multiple posts about the same issue in different topics, or post the same response on multiple posts. Sending unsolicited messages to multiple members is considered spam and may result in disciplinary action. 


Do not create posts that only solicit or advertise your business - Do not create new posts to solely advertise your services. These types of posts will be considered spam. Make sure any content you post with a referral to your personal services or goods has useful information that might help a member without contacting the member directly but has a call to action if the member wishes to contact you for further assistance directly. 


This guideline does not apply to threads that are created by the ShipStation Community Team and/or its authorized partners to showcase and feature Community goods and/or services.


Do not post private info - Personal information such as passwords, ID, phone numbers, email, addresses, and account numbers should not be shared. This is a public forum, and anyone may view it. Keep your information secure! 

Moderators will edit and remove personal information for the safety of the community. Posting someone else’s personal information is grounds for immediate banning from the Community


It is okay to share your own business contact information that is meant to be public. Ideally, it should be different from your personal contact information.


Do not, for obvious reasons, post links to malware, trojan viruses, or other malicious content.