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Can you add an option to display weight in KG's? Rgds Marvin
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Cannot believe this is not a feature. Not all countries operate in the same was as the USA - the UK and most European countries DON'T. It really is surprising that a key piece of information on a widely used piece of software does not properly function for half of the world. Seriously, implement KGs. It is really messing things up for a lot of companies. Reading through comments here, we are in the same boat - incorrect shipping labels, incompatibility with other software etc. This "idea" was first raised by your customers in 2016, we're now at the end of 2021. How can this be so hard to change??


Sort it out Shipstation.



Thanks for posting your idea!


If your display is currently in grams and you wish to change it to pounds, you can do so in your Display settings. Go to Settings > Account > Display Options. You have the options to switch between "Pounds and ounces" and "Grams". 


We have received several requests to add KG to the metric units option. Our product team is considering this for a future update as well. 

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How is the not a feature? I am surprised this has been requested since 2016 and still nothing implemented, not great Shipstation....

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It is beyond comprehension that shipping in KG is not an option. Any retailer using the metric system will be shipping in KG.

All our shipments are of a variable weight and size. We need to multiply everything by 1000 to get an accurate weight, which creates a huge margin for error.

It also couldn't possibly be a difficult thing to do at a development level, the fact this has been hanging around since 2016 is just crazy.

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I'm amazed that this option is still not available ! KG in so much easier...

Hope to get it quickly !

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We need  kg