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Literally, I login from the same IP addresses every day (home and work), yet everyday, I get to go through the same Google Captcha questions - selecting mountains, or stop lights or fire hydrants.


Can you guys upgrade to the invisible Captcha? Or could you disable it when the IP address is recognized for an account? That would really be great.


It's so unfortunate, but this platform has consistently become slow, more clunky and more unusable... and we're stuck with it  😭

New Contributor

I totally agree, this new login security is way over the top, and way more excessive than any other website I have ever used.  Please at least revise the Captcha requirement to no more than once weekly.  


It also requests Captcha multiple times, as though we don't know what a traffic light or bridge looks like. Very frustrating when consistently logging in at the same IP address.


Agreed, This is a royal pain in the ass!

Occasional Contributor

100% Shipstation is the ONLY software out of the dozens and dozens I use that use outdate methods like this stupid manual recaptcha that AI could pass easier than I can. If they'd let me, I'd be happy to offer my development services free of charge to implement a 5-minute fix and upgrade them to V3 standards. Ridiculous they don't care enough to do it. I think their team should be forced to login the same way their customers do so they can feel our pain.

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Still getting this stupid thing over and over and over again.  I have zero interest in paying you to feed whatever dumb AI is being built by me clicking on motorcycles for the 50th time.

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Ditto.  We're trying ot get work done here, the whole point of using a frankly expensive serrve like SS for our compnay is to improve productivity.  If I have spend several minutes each day goinng through this moneky business then we'll start looking for a new platform.



Just had to do 3 captchas to log into my account today:

Select all squares containing bicycles --> it didnt like my selection, gave me another one
Select all squares containing motorcycles --> still didnt like my selection (am i a robot?)
Select all squares containing traffic lights --> finally got through

What was the point of this? I log into my shipstation account from this computer every day.


Hello @hotfriezz !


Thanks for the great idea! Please keep sharing your thoughts—they help us improve.


Happy Shipping!



New Contributor

It seems even more excessive than in the past.  Busses, motorcycles, traffic lights, etc..   I tried to disable ad block and am on the same IP every day.   Nothing helps and this is the only website I use that does this so frequently.    I'd just like to do my job with as little fuss as possible.


Absolutely ridiculous over the top security. I do not have any other enterprise software that annoys me like this. We don't need you to acknowledge that you've received the message. Just fix it.