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Hello wonderful community members! 

We are pleased to announce that we are moving forward with the next steps on our new feature, Instant Order Sync! For now, we will be starting with Shopify only, but pending success could see this feature rolled out with other integrations down the road. 

With this feature, you should see Shopify orders sync right away once the order is in a shippable state. You will no longer need to wait for a manual refresh or periodical import process. 

Currently, we are activating this feature for accounts that qualify in waves. If you are interested in this feature, we have partnered with our product team to offer the community the opportunity to request access to this feature if it has not been enabled for your account yet. Please fill out this form to express that interest with our team, and your account will be activated by the next wave. 

You’ll know this activation has occurred with an in app notification that looks like the image below.image (5).png

You can also confirm this by checking out your store import settings and see a description “imports whenever Shopify indicates orders are ready”.  

Outside of requesting access here, if you run into any technical issues you will reach out to support like you normally would for assistance. You can reach out to support by sending an email to or via chat widget. Once this has been enabled on your account, we want to hear from you. The team specifically in charge of this feature would love to hear your feedback after utilizing this feature. This is your post to tell us all about it! What did you like best? What did you not like? What is your use case and workflow for this feature? All of this type of information will be very appreciated as we move forward. 

Let’s Get Ship Done! 🙂