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This round of updates focuses heavily on bug fixes for many of our integrations!



  • Creating labels in batches now validates your Shipsurance balance. If you have applied Shipsurance (US & Canada accounts only) to shipments in your batch, ShipStation will alert you if you attempt to create labels but do not have enough funds in your Shipsurance balance to cover the full cost required to apply Shipsurance to all of the shipments. This alert will also apply when you have Quickship enabled.


  • ShipStation will now display the Hold button in the Orders grid after performing either a Quick or Advanced search.


  • Purolator: Our integration with Purolator now supports Label Messages! ShipStation’s label messages #1, #2, and #3 will map to the Reference field 1, 2, and 3 respectively on the Purolator labels. Learn how to use Label Messages in ShipStation

Bug Fixes

  • Inactive users are now properly filtered from the Assignee filter drop-down menu.
  • You can now save package sets with more than 7 packages in them. 
  • We fixed an issue where some accounts were unable to delete Service Mappings created in the Shipping Services section of their Store Settings.
  • We fixed a time zone conversion issue that caused the incorrect date to show on shipment tracking for UPS shipments as well as for several other carriers.


  • DHL Express commercial invoices will now properly include the recipient’s phone number and/or email address. 
  • DHL Ecommerce 
    • End of Day submissions should no longer receive the error “request entity too large.”
    • The correct return address should now print on labels instead of the Ship From warehouse address.
  • Direct Freight shipments will no longer appear as open shipments in the Close Manifest screen, since the integration does not support manifesting in ShipStation (also, Direct Freight does not require shipments to be manifested). 
  • Purolator carrier fees should now be properly stored in ShipStation for all Purolator shipments. 
  • DPD and DPD Local should now receive the proper requested insurance values when you submit a Create Label request with Carrier Insurance selected in ShipStation.
  • Hermes Corporate shipping labels now include the Ship To Company name field.
  • Parcelforce European/International services can again be used in ShipStation. Previously, label creation would fail when this service was selected.
  • Better Trucks shipments now properly reflect shipment statuses in the Shipments tab. Previously, all shipments displayed as Delivered no matter their actual status.
  • Quickbooks Commerce (formerly Tradegecko) should now receive the proper carrier code for Couriers Please shipments. Previously, ShipStation only sent the value of “Other” in the marketplace notification for Couriers Please shipments.
  • Magento plug-in 2.2.9 fixes two issues causing order imports to fail when: 
    • Variables required by ShipStation but not Magento are empty.
    • The customer phone number is not present in the billing address.