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  • For our Canada Post users, you can now schedule next day pickups with ShipStation’s Carrier Pickup feature! Review our Schedule a Pickup help article for details.


  • We’ve added filters and sorting by notification status to the Shipments > Fulfillments page! Additionally, you can now resend failed or unsent order confirmation emails or marketplace notifications for fulfillments from the Shipments > Fulfillments page.


  • UK accounts: We’ve added IOSS and OSS as valid tax ID types so you can add them to your saved tax IDs in International Settings (coming soon for accounts in all countries).




  • We’ve added the following US-based regional carrier integrations: 
    • Lasership
    • PCF
    • IntelliQuick
  • We’ve added Lengow as a selling channel and Delivengo as a carrier for accounts based in France!


Mobile App

Along with multiple stability and performance improvements, the ShipStation Mobile app now supports the following: 


  • French language localization (Spanish and German coming soon!)
  • Advanced search by order number
  • AirPrint
  • Easy re-login after an unauthorized API response


Bug Fixes


  • Rate Calculator Returns: We fixed an issue in the new layout where the rate calculator produced an erroneous error that stated a domestic shipment was an international shipment and would not create a return label for it.
  • Customer CSV imports: If a customer records CSV file is missing a username, the import will now skip that record and continue importing the remaining customer records from the CSV and then report an error for the record with the missing data. Previously, the import would stop the import completely at the record that was missing the username and not import the rest of the file.




  • eBay V2 integration
    • Product images, product properties, product variants, and item options on eBay orders now correctly import into ShipStation. Additionally, the same set of item options will import as they did on the previous eBay integration.
    • We resolved an issue where certain missing properties prevented the order import from finishing.
    • We resolved an issue where eBay products were being removed from orders after they were imported into ShipStation.
    • Order totals now include any pre-collected eBay tax.
  • Custom Store integrations using the CurrencyCode field: We fixed an error with certain custom store integrations when the CurrencyCode element was present. Custom Store integrations can now include the CurrencyCode field in their imports.
  • Canada Post users can now create Priority Worldwide pak USA labels on 8.5” x 11” sheets!
  • Royal Mail (UK): We fixed an issue where the incorrect Ship From location appeared on CN23 forms.
  • We fixed an issue where certain USPS labels created in batches contained the wrong “origin zip code” even though the return address was correct.