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  • ShipStation now supports saving multiple Tax IDs and adding them to shipments in bulk or with automation for accounts in all countries!
    Review the ShipStation International Settings help article for details!
  • We’ve also added a SKU field to the shipment’s Customs Declarations so you can list individual SKUs for each declared item on your customs forms.
    (We will soon be adding a Weight field for the individual declarations as well!)
  • We’ve added an Advanced Preview mode to ShipStation’s In-Cart Delivery Options feature. Advanced mode allows you to preview rates for specific addresses rather than just by postal code and has an improved preview layout.


Open API

  • ShipStation has added the ability to POST SellerPackageTypes to our Open API. This mean, you now have the ability to add, edit, and delete custom package types with an API call.



  • ShipStation now integrates with the Australian carrier, Toll Priority.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Paid Date erroneously displayed one day earlier than the order date for some orders.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to a store’s Branding tab were not saved even though a success message appears after saving.
  • ShipStation now gives a warning when an ITN number may be required for a shipment over $2500 and provides a space to enter the ITN.


  • Fixed an issue where filters did not load as criteria for automation rules.
  • Fixed an issue that caused automation rules not to save correctly when using numeric filters.
  • Fixed the default filter for Recent Shipments and Recent Fulfillments to show 14 days of records instead of only 7 days.



  • We released a fix for eBay’s new integration so orders now properly import the Paid Date.
  • ShipStation now sends the carrier code “Asendia” back to Amazon when shipping with either Asendia or Globegistics services.
  • ShipStation now displays an error message when an Amazon connection authentication token expires.
  • Fixed an issue for New Zealand  accounts so Courier Post tracking numbers now properly link to the Courier Post tracking page.
  • For Australia-based accounts, delivery instructions are now added as customer notes for orders from NETO marketplaces and AU Post MPB accounts can now successfully create international labels.
  • We fixed an issue for Groupon Goods stores so weight units now import correctly from the marketplace.
  • Fixed issue that occurred when clicking the Send to Fulfillment button with multiple orders selected in the grid results in a blank page.
  • Resolved an error for Tophatter shipment notifications: “The following parameters are required but were not provided: service_type.” ShipStation now sends the correct values in the service_type field to Tophatter.


  • Fix issues in the iOS version of the mobile app:  
    • You can now swipe left through order details after sorting the Orders list
    • The mobile UI now updates as soon as any update occurs on an order