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  • You can now use Scan to View barcodes to open your Order Details from anywhere in the ShipStation app! Previously, this feature was only available in the ShipStation Legacy Layout. Learn more about adding Scan to View barcodes to your packing slips.

    Scan to View barcode.png








  • We have also made an improvement to ensure that you can create test labels when using Scan to Print (US-accounts only at the time).



  • Canada Post is now a part of our One Balance program in Canada! Learn more about setting up your Canada Post One Balance account and accessing discounted shipping rates.
  • We have added the following domestic services to our integration with Australia’s CouriersPlease:
    • PS0 - 500 Gram Parcel
    • PS1 - 1KG Parcel
    • PS3 - 3KG Parcel
    • PS5 - 5KG Parcel


Bug Fixes



  • Product Records:
    • We resolved an issue that was causing the “Do not create [customs declarations] for products using this preset group" product setting to become incorrectly enabled when updates were made to product records.
    • We fixed an issue that was preventing product preset groups from being selected within a product record.
  • If you combine orders, the state code of the selected surviving address will now remain in the Order Details.
  • If a user does not have the Purchasing permission in ShipStation, this will no longer prevent them from creating labels with previously allocated funds.
  • We corrected an issue that affected scrolling on several settings pages. Now when a page is greater than the screen size, you can expect standard scrolling performance.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing third-party billing information to not be saved if you refreshed your Orders page.
  • We fixed an issue with Automation Rules that was causing rules that changed the Shipping Account to not apply from the product record or service mapping.
  • If you automatically generate a return label with the outbound shipping label, the return label will now appear in the Order Details as expected.
  • We corrected issues with several Reports, including reports not loading and reports not generating with the correct time zone. Issues were resolved with the Shipping Manifest, Shipped Items, and Shipping Costs reports.
  • Requested services will now show as “mapped” when saved.
  • We fixed an issue that was preventing Batch Ship Date selections from being honored.
  • Quicksearch will now return any orders related to your search that previously only appeared through the Advanced Search.



  • DHL eCommerce: We resolved an issue that was causing DHL eCommerce Expedited Max to return three rates instead of one.
  • eBay: Fully or partially-refunded orders will now go to the Canceled order status instead of Awaiting Payment.
  • Lasership: We fixed an account configuration issue that was preventing some Lasership labels from being created.
  • OpenCart: You can now select a new version of the OpenCart plugin when connecting your OpenCart store or reconfiguring the connection.
  • Quickbooks: We resolved an issue that was causing orders to export as sales receipts instead of invoices.
  • We fixed an issue that was preventing auto-funding settings and preferences from being configured.
  • Walmart: We resolved an error that was preventing some orders from being updated when refreshing Walmart stores.
  • Walmart Canada: We resolved an issue that was preventing orders from being imported when you first connect your Walmart Canada store.
  • Wayfair: We corrected an issue with order importing and refreshing for Wayfair stores.
  • UK ShipStation Carrier Services: We corrected a label printing issue for DPD and Hermes.
  • We fixed issues with WooCommerce and Amazon UK so that you can now connect or reconfigure either of these stores properly.


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Very cool, we love ShipStation!

This comment is important enough that we want to move this to the proper board so that it can get the attention it deserves from other users and our product team.


@Moderator-Davis  - I had hoped it would have gotten the attention, but it hadn't, which is why I posted here. There is also an entire ShipStation article on setting up a rule in regards to the 16oz First Class Limit, but unfortunately, that rule can't be applied to the returns portal (RP):

In the RP, you're forced to decide either all First Class, or all Priority. That's an issue because customers will receive an error if you've selected First Class, but their returning more than 1 item, for instance, and it's now 16oz or greater. And no one wants to pay Priority for all of their returns. This had been posted so many times in the different threads on the previous community site by different users who encounter the same issue.

What's needed to get someone to look at this? it's such a simple ask for such a big oversight.

Howdy there @rawar


Thank you for posting about this need. I was able to get your previous comment changed into an idea post so that other community members and our product team can review it! 


Although I cannot guarantee that this idea will be taken in by our product team, the ideas board is the best place for that request! 


If and when our team begins progress on this topic, you will see the status on that post updated to reflect properly. 


OS Level setting "always turn scroll bars on" may be necessary for either older versions of Safari/Mac or the very latest os and version of Safari. Lots of console errors loading your pages, especially the orders page where scrolling is problematic