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  • Display Options: In your ShipStation account settings, you can now choose which page you want to display when you log in to the app. This feature was previously only available in the Legacy Layout.

    To choose the page your account opens with, go to Settings > Account > Display Options > General Preferences > Select the page from the Log in directly to the drop-down menu.

    This is a user-specific setting that will only apply to your account login.



  • Hotkeys & Barcode Scan Actions: The Hotkey Reference Sheet, Barcode Scan Action Report, and Barcode Scan Action Quick Reference Sheet are now available in the new layout of ShipStation.

    These reports detail available keyboard commands (“hotkeys”) and scannable barcodes that can help you perform certain actions in ShipStation faster, including importing your orders, printing documents, and creating labels.

    To generate these sheets, go to Insights > Reports and select one of the above from the Hotkey & Barcode Scan Actions section.



  • Shipment Grid Insurance Currency Display: The column in the Shipments grid that displays Insured Amount now matches the currency on your account instead of defaulting to USD. 

  • Batch Details: Now you can Add Weight to orders in bulk on the Batch Details page.
  • Quick Search: ShipStation added the ability to search special characters.





  • FedEx UK: FedEx International Priority® and FedEx International Priority Express® services are now available through our FedEx UK integration.
  • NZ Post Domestic: Our integration with NZ Post Domestic now supports Rural Delivery Services. When you request a rate for a shipment with a rural destination, the returned rate will automatically include the Rural Delivery surcharge.

  • Aramex: We have updated the branding from Fastway to Aramex. 

Bug Fixes





  • Insights Reports: When you specify a date range when exporting a report from the Insights page, the time zone of the date range will now match the time zone selected in your account Display Options.
  • Order Filters: When multiple order filters are applied in the Orders grid, all orders matching the filter criteria will now correctly display.
  • Service Mapping: When orders import with saved service mappings that include custom packages, the dimensions of the packages will now correctly populate. 
  • Batch Shipping
  • Scan to Print: The Reprint Button in the Scan to Print window will now work correctly when pressed. 
  • Order Tags Criteria: You can create an Automation Rule or Custom Order View with the criteria “Order Tags Are Empty”.
  • Returns Grid: We addressed an issue so the Returns grid now shows more than 250 orders. 
  • Cancel Voided Shipments: We fixed an issue that prevented you from canceling an order if it included a voided label. 
  • Products Grid - Variant Inventory: Stock counts for products with variants in the Products grid now display without needing to open and close the product record.
  • On Hold Column: The dates in the On Hold column in the Orders grid will display the correct date when you place an order On Hold. 
  • Deactivating Products: You are able to deactivate a product even when there is a duplicate SKU. 





  • NZ Post: We corrected the following error that prevented some users from creating NZ Post International labels: Request failed with status code 400. No products found - No products were found matching the requested criteria for specified account number###. 

Selling Channels

  • BigCommerce: We corrected the following error that prevented some users from importing their BigCommerce orders: An error occurred attempting to update orders: Could not parse response with status code: 504 from URL: sales_orders_export.