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This most recent round of releases focuses on bug fixes. No improvements or new features this week, but check back soon as we have some great stuff coming up!


Bug Fixes


  • Ship Date: We corrected an issue to ensure that the Ship Date field populates correctly in the Order Details pop-up and on the Shipments grid. Previously, this field would sometimes appear blank for some users. 
  • Auto-complete when typing product name or SKU: When you have Product Manager permissions and add a product to a manual order (either new or existing), SKUs should now properly auto-populate once you type the first three characters. Previously when adding a new item, if you typed in the Name field you did not receive an auto-filled list view of your products. 
  • Service column on Shipments grid:  For anyone who has enabled the Service column, the service you selected for the shipment will now appear correctly in the Service column of the Shipments grid. 

  • ​​Remove documents from the Print Warning pop-up: We’ve resolved an issue with the Print Warnings pop-up so documents will now disappear as expected when you click to remove them.  Previously when printing via ShipStation Connect or downloading a PDF, some merchants still saw these documents after removing them from the queue. MDunegan_0-1642202337246.png


  • New Order button available in Search Results page: The New Order button is now available to use on the Search Results page when you view search results in the Orders tab. MDunegan_1-1642202337314.png




  • Walmart Shipment Notifications - Endicia > DHL GM Shipments: You can now use Endicia to create DHL GM labels and have this information tracked correctly back to the marketplace. This fix ensures the notification sends “DHL” to Walmart to indicate DHL GM shipments. This should help to avoid penalties from Walmart when the carrier information does not match. Previously, the code was transmitted as USPS

Selling Channels

  • X-Cart: Status pairs map to and orders flow into Awaiting Payment status: You now should be able to map X-Cart status pairs to Awaiting Payment status and have orders flow into that status in both the latest and legacy versions of ShipStation without a problem.