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This round of releases resolved carrier and store integration error messages, updated batch shipping functionality, and improved features of the iOS mobile app. 



  • Order Age: The value in the Age column of the Orders grid is now calculated by the order date instead of the payment date.
    • Order age for Awaiting Shipment status = Current Date/Time minus the Order Date/Time'
    • Order age for Shipped status = Shipped Date/Time minus Order Date/Time
  • Shipments Grid - Batches: When filtering batches, the Shipments grid will now load faster.

  • Batches
    • We improved the process for archiving a Batch by leaving the Label Batch Status window open until you are ready to close it. This will improve efficiency with processing multiple batches.  
    • In the new layout, you can now cancel batches that are not assigned to you. This removes the step of having to reassign a batch to yourself before you can cancel the batch. For this to work, your user account must have permission to see Batches assigned to other users. 
  • Bulk Action: We have restored the ability to apply bulk actions to Custom Fields 1 - 3 in the new ShipStation layout. 


Selling Channels

  • Wish: We have updated our integration with Wish for all ShipStation users. The new version uses an OAuth connection process to connect to the updated Wish API. 

Bug Fixes


  • Scan to Batch: We corrected an issue that prevented orders from being added to a batch when scanning a packing slip barcode
  • Scan to Print: The correct order will now appear when you scan to print a shipment instead of the following error message: “Your barcode search returned no results.” 
  • Bulk Update Orders
    • When you select all orders in the Orders grid, you can now add them all to a single batch from the Shipping Sidebar.
    • All confirmation options are now available for selection when updating the confirmation type for multiple orders.

  • Editing Batches: We fixed an issue that prevented saving changes for Batch names and notes
  • Branded Returns Portal: We resolved the following error that prevented some customers from creating returns after their shipments were delivered: “This order has not yet shipped.”
  • Printing Setup: When changing your Print To settings from Download a PDF to Always prompt, the prompt window of printing options will now correctly display. Previously, the Always prompt setting did not save, and labels were still automatically downloaded as PDFs.

  • Shipment Limit Notification: You will now see the notification about reaching the shipment limit for your subscription plan on all pages in the new ShipStation layout.
  • Order Grid Sorting: We fixed the Ship By Date column sorting issue so the column will sort by ascending and descending order. 
  • Store Branding on Labels: We adjusted the location of your store’s logo on USPS labels so it will not overlap with the Retail Distribution Code
  • Wallet Setup: We restored the ability to use an American Express Card as a payment method for setting up a Walleted Carrier Service from ShipStation. 
  • QuickSearch: We fixed a discrepancy in QuickSearch results that would select the incorrect number of items from the grid when trying to apply Bulk Actions. Now, the number of orders selected will match the number of orders in that view. 



  • Aramex (AU): When using the Update Tracking feature to load current tracking statuses in the Shipments grid, ShipStation will now load the most up-to-date tracking information from Aramex.
  • Australia Post eParcel
    • Because Australia Post does not use volumetric pricing for domestic shipments, dimensions are no longer required to get a rate. This resolves the following rating error: “At least 2 dimensions must be 5cm”
    • We resolved the following error that appeared when requesting rates for return labels: “Error caused by invalid weight, suburb or state or postal code in Ship From/To address. The input request contains an incorrect or missing mandatory attribute. Please review and resubmit.”
    • We fixed an issue that prevented Australia Post eParcel from sending a rate for international shipments with insurance added. 
  • Canada Post: We resolved the following error that prevented some users from scheduling Canada Post pickups: “Platform id not specified.”
  • DHL Express: We corrected an issue that prevented Air Waybill numbers from automatically populating on customs forms.
  • DPD (UK): When you configure a DPD shipment, the Select Service drop-down menu will now show all of the available services for your DPD account.
  • and Endicia: When you configure a USPS shipment, the Select Service drop-down menu will now show all of the available services for your and/or Endicia account.

  • UPS International Services: We updated an error message in the new layout when there is an invalid state or province in the Ship To address. It will now provide more details about how to correct the issue.
  • GLS US: We fixed the following error message that prevented some customers from receiving branded shipment notifications: “The given key was not present in the dictionary".

Selling Channels

  • Wish: We resolved the issue that caused a 520 error message when reconfiguring a store. 

  • Amazon: We worked with Amazon to resolve an issue that caused the Error Code MD9000 when connecting ShipStation to Amazon.
  • Ecwid: You can now import orders from Ecwid into ShipStation without the error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • Big Cartel: We fixed the error that was causing “404 not found” messages when importing orders. 
  • Unleashed: We corrected the issue that caused “Unauthorized or InternalServerError message” when attempting to import Orders from Unleased into ShipStation.

Fulfillment Providers

  • Fulfillment by Amazon Canada: We resolved the following error that prevented some merchants from connecting their FBA Canada accounts: “Unexpected error occurred, please check the credentials you entered and try again.” 


  • iOS Preview (Download): Previously, when you accessed the print label menu from an Order Details or Shipment Details page, the Preview (Download) link would not work. We have restored this functionality regardless of how you access it. 
  • iOS Rate Calculator
    • We now include any charges from Delivery Confirmation, such as Signature, in the Rate Calculator. 
    • An order weight amount is now required to get a rate in the Rate Calculator.
  • Order Icons: For non-US-based accounts, we fixed the icons for domestic and international orders on the Orders page so they apply accurately. 
  • iOS Manual Orders: To match the behavior in the ShipStation browser app, the Unit Price field of a manual order line item will now be blank. This way, you can input a custom item price.